Angele Giuliano

Angele Giuliano is an experienced entrepreneur and consultant in the field of eLearning and Web 2.0 technologies, eHealth applications for independent living and digital cultural heritage. Angele was chosen as the face of Maltese SMEs in the first European SME week in May 2009. She has participated in a series of transnational EU funded projects – especially FP7, Life Long Learning and eContent related projects. She has performed evaluations and reviews for the European Commission in their Research and eContent programmes since 2001. Her personal ambition is to see more women taking up (and staying) in technology as a life-long career, thus Angele is very active in several fora and initiatives both in Europe and worldwide that focus on gender and technology, namely, WINNET, ECWT, AFFAEMME, and she is also the President of the Foundation for Women Entrepreneurs in Malta. Angele has also been appointed as member of the Advisory Board for SMEs for Horizon2020.

Annalise Duca

Annalise Duca read a BSc (Hons) degree in Computing from the University of Greenwich. Her expertise areas are in eCommerce, Web Development and Engineering. Other fields include Database Designs and Development; Distributed Information Systems; IT Project and Quality Management; Business Systems Analysis and Design; Enterprise Networking; Internet Systems Administration and Internet Security. Annalise’s work experience includes delivering ICT lessons to teachers from different European countries, train the trainers, preparing interesting lesson plans, attending regular meetings, seminars and training sessions and supervision of technical staff. Annalise has been involved in the eLearning scenario for the last couple of years. With a wide knowledge in different eLearning platforms and tools currently available, Annalise designs and creates pedadogical eLearning material for different courses. After completion a course in Android Mobile Application Development, Annalise have been designing Mobile application layouts for social games, and mobile-based applications.

Kerry Freeman

Kerry holds the position of Training Manager and looks after all courses that are held at AcrossLimits under the Erasmus Plus program She is in charge of the advertising, the logistical arrangements and the overall coordination of the courses that are held. She manages this section of the company with proactivity and dedication to make sure that the company is giving students the training and experience that they desire.

Kerry's job takes in various parts of the organisation, from training manager, personal assistant, office coordinator, events planner, managing of projects and project reports.

Kerry has invested a lot of her energy in the area of education, especially early school leaving and students with learning difficulties. She has dedicated a lot of her time in researching these subjects and learning ways on how these can be overcome. Her background as a mother with a child with learning difficulties has given her the boost that she needed to take on this mission. She is in fact involved in projects that tackle these themes. She specialises in research work and event planning therefore she usually takes up these roles in projects.

Maryrose Francica

Maryrose has extensive experience in Managerial positions with leading local Companies. She then moved to managing the family business for eleven years where again she mostly dealt with the administrative side of the business as well as the added function of sourcing out foreign contacts gaining exposure to different business solutions and client demands. This proved to be vital for the business. Her leadership skills, self motivation and the ability to communicate well always made her an automatic choice to sit on various committees regarding current issues. Her main role within AcrossLimits is in Project planning, Application process, Project implementation and Monitoring of projects Formulating implementation schedules and planning cumulative and disbursement schedules based on implementation schedules, liaising with project personnel and internal staff and discussing the aims and deliverables of projects so that the project runs as smoothly as possible. She also assists in the organisation of training sessions on issues pertaining to project design, implementation and EU funding opportunities. She has extensive experience in managing EU funded projects under FP7, H2020, LLP, CIP and Erasmus Plus..

Maryrose represented AcrossLimits at various conferences and events related to several European programmes in Malta and abroad. Currently she is also the Executive Coordinator for The Foundation of Women Entrepreneurs (Malta) and subsequently was the Manager of the Europe Direct Info Relay Malta & Gozo until September, 2007.

Peter Meadley

Peter Meadley is a software developer with vast experience in Application and Web Development. While studying Computer Games Applications Development at the University of Abertay in Dundee, he worked on a large variety of different projects from mobile apps to larger applications on mainstream consumer devices and consoles. His areas of expertise are Cross-Platform Mobile Applications, Artificial Intelligence and Automated Processes.

Peter has built a variety of different solutions including educational apps and games, real time applications for the entertainment and finance word, social networking tools and content management systems for sports and health organisations

Jonathan Azzopardi

Jonathan Azzopardi is the Founder of Springbox Media a leading Digital Marketing Agency in Malta. His responsibility is to constantly instill innovation and digital strategy into the agency's creative work across its clients in many verticals, including Travel, Finance, Legal and Communications. Jonathan's background started with the love of programming at the age of 10 where he developed for fun, for his school and his football team. Over time he developed a passion for business, sales and marketing and combining all his expertise he is in a unique position to be of value in each part of a business or product lifecycle.

As the lead Digital Marketing Strategist for Springbox Media, Jonathan has led online marketing programs in Web Design, Web Development, Search Engine Optimization, Pay per Click Advertising and Online Marketing Campaigns and Social Media Marketing Strategy for B2B and B2C professional services companies.

Jonathan's passion and drive come across in his training and you can be certain he will have training sessions packed with information and fun.

Ildiko Kudlik

Ildiko has 25-year experience as an educator and trainer. She has lived and worked in many countries all over the world and able to bring an understanding of creative diversity to her work.

Ildiko started her career as a teacher working with both children and adults. Over the years, Ildiko has delivered her services in collaboration with a range of educational institutions and projects in the European Union naming a few Communication Academy, Essence Seminars, and Hudson International.

Over a period of 10 years, Ildiko founded and acted as the senior advisor of the Bridge-Hid Charity. The organisation ran bespoke programmes to help people develop their creative self-expression, self-esteem and self-awareness.

At the heart of all her work, Ildiko believes that we are all deeply creative beings. Her passion is to support others to find their child-like enthusiasm and innate curiosity and use the fruits of that in any creative or life endeavour successfully.

Stefan Debono

Stefan Debono is the Managing Director of STEP, a quality management system consultancy based in the EU island state of Malta. Having studied management and information technology, Stefan set about tackling the problems businesses face, with an arsenal of tools and tactics in hand.

Obsessed with efficiency and quality, Stefan aims to drive continuous improvement with clients, and to this end, designs supporting systems to aid clients set up and maintain any number of quality initiatives.

Clive Ebejer

Clive is an Engineer and Quality Expert with a career focus on optimising processes and raising efficiency. Bridging his First Class Degree in Mechanical Engineering with programming and quality control.

Clive's expertise today spans a wide breadth, and includes a number of ISO management systems in a variety of verticals such as food safety, information security, environmental management and more

Adrien Bonnici

Adrien Bonnici is an independent consultant on maritime education and training, oil pollution prevention & response and quality auditing. For some years Adrien was the Chairman and Commercial Director an international group, companies with diverse interests in the oil and gas industry in the Mediterranean region. He was instrumental in the development of the Group’s academy and the Spill Response network in Greece, Italy, Malta, Gibraltar, Libya and Tunisia.

Adrien started his career at sea as a deck officer, furthered his studies overseas taking command of vessels for various companies, and later read for Business Management and Administration, and Maritime Port Operations. He was the senior ship / terminal planner for the container terminal in Malta and had the opportunity to train for some time at Jebel Ali Port in Dubai. In the late 1990’s he was the operations manager in Malta for OOCL Agency (Malta) Ltd. In 2002 Adrien moved on to maritime training and for seven years he was the Deputy Director of the local Maritime Institute, where he conducted training and was responsible for programme accreditation and quality management systems. Adrien was also an independent consultant on maritime affairs and was for some years, part of the Malta delegation at IMO on maritime education and training for the Maltese Authority.


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