Creative Leadership 101 - Intermediate Level

Course Outline:

Course Outline

To put it simply, according to an old fashioned model, Leadership is about achieving results by managing business deals and the people involved. Today's world requires holistic leaders who can lead from within using both rational and intuitive thinking skills. This involves the leader applying all his mental faculties, integrating both right and left hemisphere functions of the brain. In order to do that, however, s/he must focus essentially on him/herself as a leader, rather than on the subject matter. This training approaches Leadership from a developmental angle instead of a mere business perspective. Leaders are human beings. We do not act and make our decisions only from our rational and logical so-called 'left-brain'. Without using our 'right-brain' or creative and intuitive side, our leadership will lack flavour. Practicality comes from being able to observe a situation from various point of views and integrating the complexity of others' involvement in it.

Target Audience:

Target Audience

This introductory leadership course is particularly designed for leaders of informal groups such as teachers, educators, etc.



Participants are asked to prepare a list of problem areas where they think they fail as leaders. 

Course Outcomes:

Course Outcomes

The aim of this course is to gain an understanding of what right-brain functions are and what qualities creative leaders should have. In order to achieve that participants will do practical exercises that support their self discovery and the development of creative leadership habits.



€350: Course Tuition, Materials, Facilities and refreshments.Access to online portal for support and notes.

Tuition fee is VAT exempt




20hrs face to face tuition





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