Carbon Footprint and GHG verification to ISO 14064-1/3 International Standards

Course Outline:

Course Outline

Overview of Carbon Footprinting
Calculate and Report on Carbon Footprint
Develop a Carbon Management Strategy
Produce Reports for Certification
Verify Carbon Emissions

Target Audience:

Target Audience

Managers, Supervisors, Freight Forwarding, Transport Organisations, Airlines, Government Departments, High users of Energy ie, hotels




Applicants would ideally be involved in areas of reporting/controlling emissions/p>


Course Outcomes:

Course Outcomes

Attendees will learn how to conduct a carbon footprint exercise at their hotel; Attendees will also learn how to Increase the use of environmentally friendly and sustainable methods of operation and technology in their hotel thereby reducing the overall use of resources and create cost savings; They will also learn how to increase the use of environmentally friendly and sustainable methods and raise awareness to create behavioural changes in their hotels; Attendees will be made aware of the various disciplines to meet with the requirements of various Sustainable Hotel Certification Schemes. These will include environmental, social, management, quality, health and safety, legal compliance, ethics and quality, supply chain disciplines and guest engagement.



€1150.00: Course Tuition, Materials, Facilities and refreshments.Access to online portal for support and notes.

Tuition fee is VAT exempt




20 hours tuition




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