Marine Oil Spill Pollution Prevention and Response for Responders

Course Outline:

Course Outline

Introduction to Oil Spills
Oil Spill Properties of Different Types of Oil; Demonstration of Properties of Different Types of Oil
Health and Safety; Environmental Sensitivity and Impacts; Response Organisation and Control Strategies; Oil Containment Booms
Failures of Containment Booms; Boom selection; Deployment, Recovery and Configurations of Oil Containment Booms
Aerial Surveillance (optional); Oil Skimmers, Deployment and Operation of Various Skimmers
Storage and Transporation of Recovered Oil; At Sea Response; Use of Dispersants
Use of Absorbing Materials; Waste Management
Oil Spill Response and Oil Spill absorbing material (demo); Shoreline Clean-up; Environmental Impacts
Cleaning, Maintence and Storage of Equipment; Oil Sampling, Cost Recovery and Documentation; Wildlife Casualties; Written Test; Group written Test, Discussion of Group written Test.

Target Audience:

Target Audience

The course is designed for a widely defined target group of first responders. The main characteristics of staff designated as first responders are that they are able to manage and lead a smaller group of responders and that they have basic technical and communication skills.




Classroom group work may be assigned during the course. A final written assessment will be given.


Course Outcomes:

Course Outcomes

The aim of this course is to train the candidate to be competent in on-site spill response operations. He will be responsible to supervise personnel, carry out site assessment for Health & Safety, Environment sensitivities, formulate a work plan and establish a communications network between the clean-up team and the on-scene commander.



€600: Course Tuition, Materials, Facilities and refreshments. Access to online portal for support and notes.

Tuition fee is VAT exempt 



4 Full days face-to-face tuition (09:00-16:00)
105 hours self-study and online tutoring



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