Promoting the Culture of Entrepreneurship

Course Outline:

Course Outline

Introduction to entrepreneurship
Soft skills in Entrepreneurship
Business networking
Promoting entrepreneurship focusing on female entrepreneurship
Training in entrepreneurship
Mentoring and coaching skills for entrepreneurship
Success stories around Europe
EU funding opportunities.

Target Audience:

Target Audience

Guidance teachers, Business subjects teachers, Trainers, School administration, Mentors, Tutors, non-teaching administrative staff, teachers. 




Participants should come prepared to present their particular school/organization/country situation and what they require out of this course. It is important that some thought is given by the participant on ways they could implement entrepreneurship with their target audience.


Course Outcomes:

Course Outcomes

At the end of this course participants will be able to promote entrepreneurship to their students and target audiences. They will appreciate the different soft skills required and will be able to mentor young and older individuals who want to take a step towards this way of life.



€350: Course Tuition, Materials, Facilities and refreshments. Access to online portal for support and notes.

Tuition fee is VAT exempt 



20 hours face-to-face tuition
105 hours self-study and online tutoring 




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