ICT is a potentially powerful tool that can extend educational opportunities, to both formal and non formal education.

ICT can help teachers to continuously develop their teaching methods and the content of their lessons. ICT-enabled solutions improve access to educational resources, stimulating tools for engaging students and new ways of communicating with all participants throughout the educational system. Furthermore, enhancing the ICT capabilities of teachers can lead to supplying students with critical 21st century skills, such as digital literacy, critical thinking, collaboration, communication and problem solving. These skills make students more employable and are better equipped for life after school. With the appropriate combination of ICTs in schools and classrooms and with training, these technologies can enhance the quality of teaching and the students’ abilities to engage with digital technologies that have become ever present in modern society. ICT encourages children to make learning fun, building a database of quizzes and games for your lessons will motivate a child’s yearning to learn.

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