Aurora Zamfir

Aurora Zamfir

Scoala Gimnaziala "Mihai Viteazul" Pucioasa, Romania, Digital Storytelling as Easy as 1-2-3

My choice to follow the course “Digital Storytelling made easy as 1-2-3” was because I am a Romanian language teacher and I also am interested in increasing my digital skills, in order to improve the attractiveness of my lessons. I wanted to find a way to combine these two subjects and this is what I found in Malta, thanks to the hosting organization, Training Malta. I’ve learnt a lot during the 5 training days! I found about the method of Storytelling and it will be very helpful in my future professional activity. But beside the rules and the mandatory elements of the method itself, I found here beautiful people! The other participants Portugal, Italy, Lithuania, Latvia, Spain and Germany were so open minded and hearted people! Ildiko, the trainer, was so good and determined, and she gave all her best! And the Trainer Manager of the hosting institution, Kerry, was great! She was prompt, helpful, a nice person, and open to any kind of communication. Now, that the course is over, I can say that it was not just a simple structured course! Digital Storytelling is an experience that should be discovered more by adults, not just to children and young people; usually the young people are more open, more honest than the adults, and they have more courage in expressing feelings. I found that everyone has at least one story to tell, and this method gives them the courage necessary to make it known, to share it. Not even one story is wrong, as long as it reflects personal experiences and causes good changes. To judge, to evaluate a life story just through your own principles and beliefs it is definitively a bad and a destructive thing! Digital Storytelling it is not just a method to develop creativity! DST means also sounding the subconscious depths of the soul, of those drawers and pantry that often we don’t have enough courage to open-up and to air them. So DST means personal development too. To have the courage to tell and share your story is a challenge, and the consequences are extraordinary, both for the creator and for the audience! I found that “A story that comes from the soul cannot be denied!” Thank you! ☺

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